Vamos a la playa! the best beaches in south France

bikini vs swimsuit

What is the best thing you can do if you can’t stand the heat any more? Go to the beach! Get same Brise Marine and jump to the sea!!

So far, this is one of the hottest summers I experienced in South France but I ‘m enjoying it after suffering few years of Scottish “summer”.

I love the beach, it’s one of the places where I can relax, forget about everything and have a nap listening the sound of breaking waves. Of course, all this is possible if you don’t have thousand people shouting around you. Very important: avoid the beaches where you have to fight for few centimeter of sand.

These are the beaches I recommend you to go in the Languedoc coast

My favorite one, Espiguette

Espiguette beach is the most beautiful, the longest and the widest one in the Region of Languedoc. Now it is also the paradise for kitesurfers, but don’t worry, there is space for everybody: 10Km long and 700 meters large!!!


espiguette-4 espiguette-5


Getting there: Take the road direction to Le Grau du Roi, following ‘Espiguette”, on the way you will past lagoons full of flamingos.

Restaurans and bars: Les pieds Nus good place to stay the whole day, you can rent sun beds and umbrellas..and relax. Also you can practice Stand Up Paddle, Flyfish, Jet ski…, or have dinner at night, the restaurant is open all day in summer.



Second on my list: Maguelone

The beach is not a fine sandy beach but it’s long enough to find some quite and peace. Also there are some nudists areas  in case you want to go natural. If you have time you should visit Maguelone Cathedral.

maguelone maguelone-2 maguelone-3 maguelone-4


carre mer

Getting there Two access, one from Palavas, then follow the signs to Maguelone cathedral; or from the village Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. From the both parking you take a small train to go to different parts of the beach or to the Cathedral. The train is free but not the parking (4 euros a day, 2 euros after 18:00 and free after 20:00).

Restaurans, bars and private beach: I recommend you  two places close to Palavas, Carre Mer and Windsurf


Le Grande Travers

Grand Travers beach is one of the most popular, so it is not good idea go in high season,  it’s crazy right now!!!! Better to go at springtime or at the end of the summer. Still, the beach is nice and long with sand dunes, beach restaurants and not buildings around.

le grande travers le grande travers-2le grande travers-3

le grande travers-4

Getting there: Access and parking can be very difficult in high season, I mean mission impossible. South of Montpellier on the D62. Close to La Grande Motte.

Restaurants, bars and private beaches: There are many but my favorites are Paillote Bamboo and Effet Mer. For me,  the best beach parties! Also it’s nice to go after work to have a nice cocktails and relax  😉

et La nuit

IMG_1938 IMG_1942


There are the whole summer fireworks in La Grande Motte

la grande motte la grande motte-2 la grande motte-3


Some advises: go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the traffic jams; better on Saturdays than Sundays, here everybody goes to the beach on Sundays (shops are closed). Avoid the closest beaches to the cities, better to drive a bit more far away to find some peace.

AND important: Buy SUNCREAM, take a hat, sunglasses, and if you can, take also an umbrella.

vamos a la playa

 Which one is your favorite beach in the place you live? I’d love to know which beach you like in South France.



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