Clothes libraries-yes or not?


In the last few months, I have found a lot of information on a subject that it looks to me very interesting: The Clothing libraries or fashion libraries. They seem to work very well in several countries: Amsterdam (Lena), Germany, Stockholm and the last one in Spain, Ropateca in Barcelona.


This is not about renting clothes only for special events such as weddings, dinner parties… but to rent your own wardrobe, clothes for your regular days; it means that you could change your outfit  more often without spending a fortune. In this way we will wear better quality and designer clothes without having to rely on low-cost stores such as Zara, H&M, Mango … and it will help us to have a very organize and tidy closet, like in the magazines.


I find the idea very attractive, especially for people like me that we can not spend a lot of money on designer clothes every month, but we would like to renew our closet more often with better quality pieces. With these libraries I would buy only basic pieces, everything else I will rent it.


Have you been in the situation where you have tried a coat, a jacket, a skirt … whatever, that you love but it’s a bit out of your budget? Would you like to change your look more often but with quality items? Or it’s just me bored of always wearing the same clothes?

nothing to wear_n

Also if there would be a worldwide library, we could travel with less baggage and rent our wardrobe with our client library card in the place of destination.


I think these libraries could work everywhere in the world but first we should bury the idea that wearing clothes that do not belong to us is only for people without resources; and replace it for a responsible and ethical consumerism and be more ‘eco-friendly. Only In Europe we discard 7-10 kg of clothes per person per year … ..


About the cleaning, and very important for me, the laundry service is usually included in the rent or you have to take care of bring them back cleaned. Everything is clean in these libraries.


What do you think? Will it be the new trend? would you use it? I would like to know your opinion.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.



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